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An Educational Forum
& Immersive Exhibition
by John Mack
_Founder, Life Calling
In responding to the call for preserving our humanity in the Digital Age, A Species Between Worlds' educational forum and immersive exhibition is an invitation to contemplate our relationship to our devices and the surrounding world while inciting the introspection needed to prevent the loss of our humanity.
Forum and exhibition in review
A Species Between Worlds
New York 2022 Debut

New York Exhibition & Forum, Sept. 2022 was sponsored by

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    In the press

    This ground-breaking experience of technology, photography and psychology will examine the intersection of technology and humanity in the digital age.
    - The Village Voice -
    "A Species Between Worlds” reminds users that when we point a finger at media companies, we are also pointing three fingers back at ourselves. The exhibit combines art and technology to warn of reliance on the latter. And ironically, visitors will not get the full experience without a mobile device of their own.
    - Observer -
    "Gamified Meditation Experience" may sound like the most 2022 phrase ever, but it's legit very cool...If you, like I, feel gobsmacked by your phone’s ever-ballooning screen time report, then this immersive new exhibit in Chelsea is a must-see.
    - Time Out New York -
    “A Species Between Worlds” offers...a small step forward, a reminder to care about the unmediated life that we stand to lose if we forget that it’s out there at all.
    - The Slowdown -
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