Life Calling
The Initiative
Preserving our humanity in the Digital Age
Founded in 2021 by author, photographer and thought leader, John Mack, Life Calling is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving our humanity in the Digital Age.

ON THE LINE/_the choice
Our humanity is on the line. In the age of ever-increasing digital dependence, we find ourselves further and further divorced from ourselves, our community, and nature. We are currently deciding, rather unconsciously, as to whether we will carry our humanity with us into the future.

OUR CALLING/_mission
Preserving our humanity in the Digital Age.

CALLING THE SHOTS/_the need for higher education
Modern education is geared to serve the call of intellect rather than the call for self-awareness. Where intellect has created great tools to serve us, our lack of awareness points these tools against us; such is the result of superhuman technology in the hands of unaware users. What is needed is a Higher education—one that cultivates the inner seed of our humanity—to ensure we use our tools rather than allowing our tools to use us.

ANSWERING THE CALL/_the opportunity
The Digital Age calls us to meet the rising digital tide in a shared vision of our humanity and its future. We assist in answering the call through expanding self-awareness. This is achieved through educational programming rooted in immersive experiences across the arts, culture, and nature, inclusive of publications and self-learning tools—each fostering and catalyzing a more balanced, nuanced and thoughtful perspective as we navigate the Digital Age.

We envision a future where we remain grounded in our humanity—no matter the technological environment—ensuring we thrive in all that makes us human, individually, collectively, and with nature.

A Species Between Worlds is a signature program by Life Calling.
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