The Exhibition
Between Worlds
An artificial light has risen over the horizon. In front of us, the encroaching virtual landscape; behind us, the fading landscape of our nature. We are a species between worlds. With each step into the future, digital worlds gain more and more traction. Will we continue to drop our nature by the wayside, or will we decide to carry it with us into the future?

Since 2016, artist, author and lecturer John Mack has committed himself to addressing one of the most pressing conversations of our times: the ever-increasing imbalance between smart-devices and our humanity. In the interactive photography experience A Species Between Worlds: Our Nature, Our Screens, Mack taps into the power of visual art to enhance awareness and open this all-important conversation to everyone.
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A Gamified Meditation
A Species Between Worlds is a gamified meditation examining the intersection of humanity and technology. Sparked by the Pokémon Go® craze and a subsequent stampede in Taipei in 2016, Mack has sought to explore the often slippery intersection of virtuality and reality through a technology-forward narrative arc that centers the individual and aims to foster balance and awareness between our technology and ourselves. Featuring more than 65 artworks including imagery of more than 50 U.S. National Parks and the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, the exhibition features a customized app, which guides visitors through a gamified psychological exploration framed by the artifice of the Pokémon Go® interface, which gradually fades as reality is restored. Open to the public and free of charge, the more than 17,000 square foot exhibition is accompanied by a robust program of talks and events throughout the month of September. The exhibition also coincides with the publication of Mack’s collection of poetry, A Land Between Worlds: The Shifting Poetry of the Great American Landscape.
“Humans are a species between worlds. We’re on a mass-migration from the natural world to the digital world, abdicating our natural spaces while expanding digital ones. Smartphones, designed to be tools, have become our reality—and with every swipe, tap and pinch, our humanity is being exported, little by little,” states John Mack. “I’m very consciously not anti-technology, but rather I aim to foster mindfulness so that our devices serve as our tools and not the other way around. The exhibition is an invitation to contemplate our relationship to our devices and the surrounding world while inspiring the introspection needed to prevent the loss of our humanity.”
The Players
A Species Between Worlds is funded in part by Tavros Capital, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Programming partnerships include the David Lynch Foundation, Fairplay, The Tibet House, New York Center for Living, The Explorer’s Club, and more.

A Species Between Worlds is an initiative by Life Calling.
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The A Species Between Worlds experience uses an interactive app downloaded at the venue.

(Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. Devices free for loan upon request at cloakroom.)
Minimum software requirements:
iOS 14 or Android 8.0.
Biscayne National Park
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  • a species between worlds event
  • a species between worlds event
  • a species between worlds event
The Team
John Mack began collecting imagery for A Species Between Worlds in August 2016. Since that time an incredible team has been built along the way. The interactive art exhibition and month of programming would not have been possible without the following team members:

Soze Agency (US)

Creative Philosophy (US)

Department PR (US)

Jonathan Marder and Company (US)

Ellie Manko (US)

F.Y. Eye (US)

Richard P. Clark (US)

SugarHill Works (US)

Stephen K. Mack (US)

Griffin Editions (US)

The Giving Back Fund (US)

Skylight Modern (US)

MESH Architectures (US)

Treeline Interactive (US)

Yup, it’s a Hub (PT)

  • 5002 agency
  • Papori agency
  • David Leal
  • Zana Moraes
  • Luis Ribeiro
  • Pedro Rodrigues
  • Francisca Cruz
  • Rui Lopes
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